QUESTION:  What do I need to do if I have someone in jail?


ANSWER: The first thing to do is call one of our office numbers. We have real people answering the telephone 24 hours, 7 days a week. You will always get a real person at the other end of the phone. We will ask you a series of questions to find out where your love one is being held in jail, what is hie/her date of birth and if you know what the charges are, and if there is a bond set. We can proceed from there. If you don't know all of the information, don't worry, our staff can get this information from the jail. If we need to contact the jail to get the charges and the bond amount, our staff will get your phone number and call you back. Be assured we will call you right back to talk to you about the bond. Please give us a few minutes to get through to the jail. Sometimes the jailers are very busy and can't answer the phone for a few minutes. we will get the info as soon as possible. After we the information we need, and make the financial arrangements the we can post the bond.


QUESTION:  Can i get credit?


ANSWER:   In most cases we can get credit for you. Of coarse the are some cases we can't offer credit. But, rest assured, we will do everything we can to help you with financing.


QUESTION:   What happens after the the bond is posted?


ANSWER:     The person who was in jail will have to report to our office within 2 days to fill our some forms required to complete his/her bond contract. In most cases we will want you to come in also. Most of the forms are on line if you would like to print them off and have them ready when you come into the office. This may save you some time, but it is necessary that the forms be signed in person. therefore everyone on bond must come to the office after being released from jail.


QUESTION: Is that all we need to do?


ANSWER: No, there is more to the process. The person who was in jail will be required to check in to our office weekly. This can be done by phone unless there is extenuating circumstances. Then, we may ask him to report in person. This doesn't happen very often. I can think this has happened about twice or three times in 30 years.


QUESTION: How long will We have to report weekly?


ANSWER:  Until you case has been resolved. We will notify you of your court dates by mail and by phone each week when you check in.

When your case is over, we will ask you for documents from the courts as to what the results are. We need these documents to release you from the bond contract. At time you are through and can stop reporting  weekly. 

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